WhatsApp does not give up and shows again the changes in privacy with a deadline of November 6

whatsapp does not give up and shows again the changes.jpg
whatsapp does not give up and shows again the changes.jpg

The biggest credibility crisis that hit WhatsApp is far from over, not in vain the company returns to the load with the now famous notice of changes in privacy. Currently it appears to those users who had not yet accepted them, it is optional, it is aimed at users over 16 years of age and deadline for acceptance is November 6, 2021.

Did you think that Facebook had given up and would end up withdrawing the privacy changes from WhatsApp? This movement, which has been kicking off since the messaging platform introduced it in early 2021 (and which came into effect on May 15), suffered criticism from users and also from the authorities. It even prompted Europe to urge WhatsApp to repeal those changes. These changed from mandatory to optional. And they did not disappear.

Changes in privacy open communication with companies

Privacy Conditions Whatsapp
New notice of privacy changes in WhatsApp


WhatsApp’s positioning has not changed since it renewed its privacy conditions in January: the changes are aimed at the relationship between private users and companies. As stated by WhatsApp, the new privacy allows businesses to host their stores on the application platform (Facebook servers), communicate with users to provide information about their products and said users to open conversations on WhatsApp from Ads on Facebook.

WhatsApp had to back down with the obligation to admit the notice of the changes: it is still not necessary to say yes to continue using the application. Even so, the notice will continue to jump to those European users who did not accept the new privacy policy, as is our case: the alert went out when logging in to WhatsApp again.

During the process we carry out to check the operation of the new encrypted backups, WhatsApp took the opportunity to notify us that we had to accept the new conditions.

The key message is “You can accept our conditions before November 6, 2021 to continue using WhatsApp“. The company does not specifically state that it is mandatory, but yes urges to give yes to continue using the service. Those who wish to accept it must declare that they are over 16 years of age and click on the “Accept” button.

Despite WhatsApp setting a deadline, the application will continue to function normally as of November 6; even if privacy changes are not accepted

The notice should appear in those applications where the new privacy conditions have not yet been accepted. It appeared to us at the login (iPhone), but It will also appear while the application is actively used or after opening it to view the messages. WhatsApp puts as a limit the aforementioned November 6, 2021 without the application stopping working if the changes are not accepted.