WhatsApp changes how it shows who has left a group in its latest beta: there is good and bad news

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Better or worse, depending on who you ask

Until now, when someone left a group, the text “Pepe left the group” was displayed in the chat itself, making the matter anything but subtle. Thus, there are those who prefer to stay in the group and silence it forever or file it away and forget about it. This is already changing for some users with version of WhatsApp for iOS, and hopefully it will end up changing for everyone in the future.

The good news is that with the change no longer shows in chat when someone has left the party, except for the administrators of the group itself. For this part, we will be able to make a quieter tactical exit that avoids us private messages from groupmates asking us why we have left or various reprimands.


The bad news is that a new menu is added in the group settings called See previous participants, which displays a list of everyone who was previously in the group and when they left. The list shows all the participants who left or were kicked out during the past 60 days.

So, 60 days must pass to complete the perfect crime to leave the chat without proof of leaving, although the administrators will still be able to see that you left in the chat history itself. It is a curious change that in a way makes the comings and goings to the groups more subtle and otherwise should not change much. After all, no matter how much WhatsApp warns you or not, the members of said group can simply remember that you were in it and no longer.

Via | WaBetaInfo