WhatsApp Business enables the Collections function: we will no longer have to navigate through huge listings to buy

whatsapp business enables the collections function we will no longer.jpg
whatsapp business enables the collections function we will no longer.jpg

WhatsApp is back in the news and no, it is not a new fall of the messaging application or of Facebook, the mother company. And it is that WhatsApp is preparing for the arrival of “Collections” to WhatsApp Business, a perfected way to shop within the application.

Until now, users were allowed the possibility of buying products from message chats. Users could choose from a catalog of products that companies have for sale and directly from the app add to cart and pay for what they want to buy. ** A feature that improves with the arrival of “Collections”.

Maximum of 500 products but now ordered

Companies that could already sell their products within WhatsApp now have the “Collections” function. This what it does is create product lists by category that facilitate the search and therefore the choice of the product we want to buy.

And it not only benefits users, but also companies optimize the sales process as they can now organize the items in their catalogs by category. In this way it is no longer necessary to move through a huge list of products on the screen.

For example, now we will not see a huge list of clothing items, but we can search in men’s clothing, women’s clothing, pants, shirts, coats …

The new feature It will reach WhatsApp Business users coinciding with the shopping season par excellence, Christmas. Companies can upload a maximum of 500 products or services to the catalog and customers can choose any of these products to share with their friends or send a message to the company to ask questions.