WhatsApp already allows you to send large files: its new limit of 2 GB begins to extend

whatsapp already allows you to send large files its new limit of 2 gb begins to extend
whatsapp already allows you to send large files its new limit of 2 gb begins to extend

Almost two months after it was announced , WhatsApp finally allows you to send files with a new limit of 2,000 MB (2 GB). With this, the tedious 100 MB that was a limit until now and that on many occasions prevented us from being able to share an important file is left behind.

This is great news if we take into account that the application developed by Meta had already been behind its competition in this section for several years. We only hope that future functions such as editing a message that has already been sent will not take as long as this function, which was already in testing for Argentina , has done.

How to check if you already have this function

Whatsapp Files Unlimited 100 Mb

A priori, this is a functionality that should appear without the need to update the application. However, it is recommended to be on the latest version available. At the moment, the latest version for Android is, while for iOS it is 22.11.75.

In any case, the easiest way to check it is the most obvious. You will have to make sure you have a file of more than 100 MB in the mobile storage. Once you locate it, it will be a matter of going to one of your chats and trying to send it. If you already have it enabled, it will be sent without a problem (then you can delete the file so that the other user doesn’t see it if you don’t want to).

If it still won’t let you send large files up to 2 GB, don’t worry. As we mentioned before, based on information from WaBetaInfo, this feature is gradually being launched worldwide. Therefore, not all users have it yet and there may even be several people with the same mobile phone and software version and have not received it.

It will be a matter of waiting a few hours or days for it to finally arrive. It is also convenient that you have the latest version of the app available as we told you before, since it is a function that does not need it, but that could bring an error that would take longer to implement and hence it could be necessary a Update with patches for those bugs.