What happened to Tamara Falcó’s WhatsApp so that she published the video of infidelity

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they hacked your whatsapp for post a compromised state. Now, is that possible?

Having most of your private life centralized in a messaging application makes some tasks easier, especially those of communication; while entailing some risk: anyone who accesses the messages could use that information to cause harm. Many familiar faces know this well: from Jeff Bezos, engaged through a hack to her WhatsApp, to the most recent Tamara Falcó, who also alleges illegitimate access to her messaging application.

According to Tamara, someone hacked her WhatsApp to post a Status


Grosso modo, Tamara Falcó and her former fiancé, Íñigo Onieva, broke their relationship after a video starring him where he was caught in the middle of infidelity. This video went viral, too. It came to Tamara herself through WhatsApp. And she ended up sharing her content in her own States of hers, so she revealed Hello! after speaking with the representatives of the celebrity.

According to statements obtained by the magazine Hello!:

While the aristocrat was getting ready to attend the aforementioned wedding, her mobile phone was hacked. And not only that, since they shared the compromised video of Íñigo in their WhatsApp status“.

Strictly speaking, it is very difficult to hack a phone, especially when its owner is close and without being absent from the place for too long. According to the story published by ¡Hello!, and mentioning the explanations from Tamara Falcó’s environment, someone took advantage of the supposed hack to make fun of Tamara in her own States.

She did not find out what happened until her team was able to notify her. She then tried to delete the post and, failing to do so, she had to delete the WhatsApp application from her mobile device.“.

WhatsApp States are temporary publications that remain active for only 24 hours. You can see these states only those who know the user’s telephone number and always according to privacy criteria that are dialed from the account: or to all, or to only the contacts or to those who are chosen manually.

In principle, and always according to the reported facts, the video would have been seen by a small group of people, most likely belonging to Tamara’s closest circle. When you delete your WhatsApp, the Status is also deleted, but only from those contacts who have not seen it: The video was automatically saved on the phone of those who managed to see Tamara’s Status.

Can someone hack someone’s WhatsApp just to post a Compromised Status? Let’s see.

It is not so easy to hack a WhatsApp

Share Whatsapp States

The “hacking” excuse is usually the usual one when someone makes a mistake and messes it up on social media. She retweeted that compromised photo because her account was stolen, she liked the wrong Instagram post, someone sent a WhatsApp Status that she wasn’t supposed to. Without being able to really ensure what happened because we cannot know, the most plausible thing is that Tamara made a mistake sharing the video of the infidelity and ended up publishing it in her States.

The password, fingerprint or facial recognition of a mobile phone are very difficult to circumvent by someone who does not know the passwords. Y violating the security of the phone to break in is within the reach of very few, usually authorities. Plus, it’s virtually impossible for someone to hack into a smartphone while you’re getting ready nearby: it takes specialized equipment, and a lot of time, to crack a phone’s operating system.

Hacking a mobile, or the WhatsApp account, is not something that is available to everyone. In addition, it usually takes time and specialized equipment

According to our tests, the most plausible thing is that Tamara Falcó shared the video she had just received on WhatsApp in a State. In fact, hello! specifies that the aforementioned video reached the protagonist through different chat groups; so, when forwarding it, she will surely accidentally click on the “My Status” button. And by the time she realized she was circulating among his contacts it was already too late.

Although Pegasus has already made it clear that it is possible to hack a phone through WhatsApp, it is not a tool that is available to everyone, it is also not used for tasks as seemingly mundane as posting a compromised status. Everything points to a simple mistake: it has happened to all of us.

Via | Hello, the country