What can be done with the Apple Watch on Android

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Combining devices with different systems has been my passion since long before I started writing about technology. I started on iOS with the first iPhone model (iPhone Edge) and on Android with the second that Google introduced after the initial HTC Dream or G1 (the HTC Magic). Y I have been using the compatible accessories between both systems as far as I could; often thanks to being multiplatform, others with the logical drawbacks caused by the different systems. And the Apple Watch is no exception.

The Apple Watch works with Android, but you still need an iPhone

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Before continuing, I must tell you that you should not expect complete compatibility with Android, not even a partial one: the Apple Watch cannot be configured with an Android mobile, also can’t get your notifications or sync apps. Therefore, it is essential that you also have an iPhone and that it remains connected to the Internet.

The only thing you can do carrying the Apple Watch and an Android is to use the phone as an access point for the watch to access the Internet through the mobile. It may not seem like much, but when you combine several systems for work and leisure, it is extremely practical. That you don’t want to always leave the house with the iPhone? Share the connection from your Android to the watch and this one will work almost as well as if you had the iPhone on you.

With the Apple Watch connected to your Android mobile, the watch will work the same as if you have the iPhone with you

Apple Watch stays in sync with iPhone remotely as long as the watch has Internet access. And sharing the connection from your Android achieves the same effect as what you would get with an Apple Watch LTE; although without the extra price that this implies (apart from the fact that a WiFi-only watch consumes much less battery than one connected to the mobile data network).

I do not recommend buying an Apple Watch if the iPhone is not going to be actively used. Although, if the only thing that interests you in the Apple ecosystem is the watch, you can buy a second-hand iPhone (the current minimum is an iPhone 6S), configure both and use your Android with the Watch while keeping the iPhone connected at home. It’s not the most practical solution, but it works.

How to set up your Android and Apple Watch

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Apple Watch and iPhone come out of the box with just enough settings to work remotely, so you won’t need to do anything on either device. On Android you do have to change some settings.

  • Enter the settings of your Android mobile and look for the Internet sharing options.
  • Configure the access point with the network name and password you want.
  • Turn on the hotspot you created and connect to it from your iPhone. The name of the network, and its password, will be automatically shared to Apple Watch via iCloud.
  • Activate the hotspot on your Android.
  • Access the settings of your Apple Watch and select the network that you created on the android phone.

If it connects correctly you will have everything ready: you will be able to use your Apple Watch without carrying your iPhone just by connecting it to the WiFi shared by your Android. Of course, remember that the iPhone must also connect to the Internet: just leave it at home (and with WiFi).