What are Instagram notes and who can see them

what are instagram notes and who can see them.webp.webp.webp
what are instagram notes and who can see them.webp.webp.webp

After launching the silent mode of Instagram with which we can indicate to our followers that we are not available (an automatic message appears when they enter our conversation), we now receive another novelty in the social network. They are text notes.

This is a functionality that, although it may have different purposes, is basically used to set a temporary note in which to leave a message to our contacts without having to write to them one by one. In fact, they are very similar to Instagram Stories, although they have certain peculiarities that make them different.

How to view and write notes on Instagram

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The first thing is to know where these notes are located. If you use the app on a daily basis, you probably already noticed that they appear at the top of the direct messages tab. Every person you follow who has posted a note will appear in this place.

In the purest style of Stories, you can go sliding to the right to see all the notes that have been uploaded. Of course, you can see the note without having to click on it. Tapping will allow you to reply to the note, which will appear as a direct message to the other person. So, we know that notes are public, but responses are not.

Instagram notes support a maximum of 60 characters and are visible for 24 hours (unless you delete them first).

If you wish post a new note You should know that they have a limit of 60 characters, in which you can alternate letters, numbers and even emojis. To publish them you just have to click on your photo in the upper left, where it also says Leave a note. A box will appear at the top where you can write whatever you want.

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This is how the interface looks when writing a note on Instagram

At the bottom you can choose who you want to share the note with. By default, the option to share it with the followers you follow is marked, although you can also choose the best friends option. At the moment there is no option to upload them for those who follow you if you have not returned the follow. Nor are exceptions allowed between those you follow and those who follow you.

after 24 hours, and unless you have not deleted the note before, it will disappear. And that’s all the similarities with Instagram Stories. And it is that if you want to attach a photo, video, sticker or any other visual element, you will have to go to them to publish it. And it is that the notes are that, notes. Text only.