We tested the new Steam interface for mobile phones: finally a useful app arrives and that you can also try

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Valve bets on a complete redesign of its Steam app on mobile

The announcement has been made by Valve through an entry on its official blog. The first thing they wanted to highlight is that the most used functions until now will be maintained, such as the browsing the store, obtaining Steam Guard code and also confirming operations With a touch.

But beyond maintaining these functionalities, many others will also be added, among which the QR code login, smart notifications, improved library and multi-account support. But the most interesting of all is the visual change that makes day-to-day use much easier.

Steam 1

This is something that is achieved thanks to a bar at the bottom of the screen where the most used shortcuts are grouped: store, library, notices and also Steam Guard.

You can now try this beta, and we give you our opinion

Currently, this is a beta that you can install on any of your devices, either iOS or Android. In the case of iOS, there is the peculiarity that there is a limit of 10,000 users and you will be able to access it through TestFlight. But in the case of Android it is much easier, since you will be able to access it through the Google Play Store although it will take several minutes to register for this program and offer the update.

In my experience, this is a significant change. Until now, the use that I gave to the application was simply to receive notifications of my wish list and also to quickly check the availability of some of the options and even their price. But beyond this it was not useful at all due to not having quick access to the most necessary functions like the store.


After installing the beta, the change is immediate, especially because of the access bar at the bottom. This it reminds a lot of the client for computer and the accesses of the upper part. What most attracts without a doubt is Steam Guard, which is updated to be able to scan any QR code in order to quickly access your account on other computers with the greatest security and without having to resort to the hated verification codes that reach the e-mail.

This adds up to notifications that now make a lot more sense. lets you know the games that enter the store, either because they are on your wish list or because they can be adjusted to your tastes. Keep in mind that Steam learns from your favorite categories thanks to the games you’ve already purchased or simply the ones you’ve spent the most hours on.

In addition, thanks for the news new tab in which you can be aware of all the news in the video game sector, as well as the trailers that are published by the developers.


In a fast way it will be possible to visualize all the content of the store and make purchases through the application and even order it to start downloading to your computer if it is on. Undoubtedly, all these features will make me use the application much more frequently and be aware of all the news that may come to me.

Performance-wise, this beta works really well. The only drawback is that not fully translated. The arrival date for all users is not official yet, but this is undoubtedly great news for video game lovers. Steam has shown that it is slow with its applications, but in the end it complies with designs that are more suitable for the year 2022.