We tested the beta of multi-device WhatsApp: up to four devices at the same time and without depending on mobile at all

we tested the beta of multi device whatsapp up to four.jpg
we tested the beta of multi device whatsapp up to four.jpg

The promised is debt: the long-awaited WhatsApp multi-device function is here, at least as beta version for a limited number of accounts. It is an evolution of the previous support with two main improvements: being able to use WhatsApp in four additional places at the same time, and without depending on the mobile.

We have tested the beta multi-device support WhatsApp and We tell you how it works, how to know if you have it available on your mobile and the limitations of this long-awaited WhatsApp novelty.

How to use the multi-device mode of WhatsApp

The way to use the beta version of the multi-device mode of WhatsApp is not very different from how WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for desktop worked until now. Start from your mobile, opening the WhatsApp menu in the chat list and choosing Linked devices. This menu was previously called WhatsApp Web.

That is when you will know if the beta version of the WhatsApp multi-device mode is available in your account or not. If so, a bar will appear that says Beta version for various devices, just below the button Pair a device.

Join me

Tap on this bar and you will be shown a screen with information about this beta and its limitations. You are further reminded that if you have problems at any time, you can always exit the beta at any time. Press Join the beta to activate the new WhatsApp multi-device mode.

When you enter the beta, you must relink sessions in WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for PC, so that you will have to scan the QR code again. For this, you will generally have to close these other sessions that you had previously open before.

What limitations does this beta have


When we first heard about the multi-device support of WhatsApp, we had illusions with the possibility of using our WhatsApp on various mobiles and tablets with its official application. The reality has turned out to be somewhat more conservative: you can use WhatsApp on mobile and on four additional devices, without any of these being a mobile.

That is, you can use WhatsApp at the same time on your mobile and on four more devices to choose between WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp for Windows or Mac or WhatsApp in a Facebook Portal, being able to repeat several of the same type (for example, four WhatsApp sessions Web). These are the limitations of this beta:

  • One mobile and four devices. This system only allows you to use WhatsApp on a single mobile phone at a time and link up to four sessions of WhatsApp Web, for PC or Portal.

  • You must relink the sessions. If you used WhatsApp on multiple devices before, you will have to re-link them. What’s more, if you had open sessions on more than four devices, you will have to abandon some of them.

  • You need to use WhatsApp on your mobile every 14 days. The main advantage of this beta is that the additional sessions do not depend on the mobile being turned on and connected. Even so, if the WhatsApp of your mobile does not connect in 14 days, it will stop working on the additional devices.

  • You need the latest version of WhatsApp. Both on the mobile and on the additional device, unless it is WhatsApp Web.

  • You can’t see the location in real time. If someone shares their real-time location with you, you won’t be able to see it on the paired devices, at least for now.

  • You can’t pin chats. On WhatsApp Web or for desktop, it is not possible to pin chats.

  • You can’t reset group invites, nor join them from the linked version on WhatsApp Web or for desktop.

  • You cannot communicate with those who use an old version of WhatsApp. It is not possible to make calls or send messages to contacts who are using a very old version of WhatsApp on their mobile.

  • You cannot call those who do not use the beta. With the beta of the multi-device mode in WhatsApp for Desktop or Portal, you cannot call those who do not use the beta.

  • In a Portal, you will not be able to use accounts that do not use the beta. After using your WhatsApp account in Portal with the new device mode, the other accounts that are configured will have to also use the beta.

  • Limitations in WhatsApp Business: Those who use the multi-device mode in WhatsApp Business will not be able to edit the name or the labels of the company from WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

This is how to use WhatsApp on four devices

Taking into account all the above, what is it like to use WhatsApp on up to four devices at the same time with this beta? Well, the truth is that not very different from how it was before. During normal use of WhatsApp, such as chatting, making calls and video calls, there is no difference other than the word Beta appearing on the top bar of the application.

Of course, the difference is in the details. Specifically, in that it continues to work without problem even if the mobile is switched off or with airplane mode active. There is no warning or indicative. Basically, the additional sessions of WhatsApp are not affected by what you do with the mobile.

To be a beta it works quite well, although it is still missing that it can be used at the same time on several mobiles

The second advantage is that additional sessions work simultaneously, something that did not happen before. Until now, when you logged into WhatsApp Web, messages in other WhatsApp Web or PC sessions that you had open would stop syncing.


The usefulness of this may seem limited because, after all, it will be rare that you need to chat at the same time in two places at the same time, but it can be of vital importance when accounts are shared (for example, in a company) or if you use several computers at the same time. Using WhatsApp in these cases will be much more fluid, without having to continuously press the “Use here” button.

With all this, the new multi-device support, still being a beta, works reasonably well. It is not exactly what we wanted, and it is far from being as flexible as applications like Telegram, but considering that for many years WhatsApp did not even have a PC version, it is already more than many of us expected. Now, it remains to be seen if the ban will continue to be opened from here to the future until, perhaps, being able to have WhatsApp on more than one mobile at the same time.