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We tested ‘MARVEL Future Revolution’: a spectacular open world with console graphics

we tested marvel future revolution a spectacular open world with.jpeg
we tested marvel future revolution a spectacular open world with.jpeg

Imagine an open-world Marvel game, in which you can explore worlds and cities while fighting alongside other heroes against the enemies you encounter. This game exists, and it’s called ‘MARVEL Future Revolution’, in pre-registration for a while now. It’s Netmarble’s most ambitious proposition to date, and we wanted to give it a try to see what it offers.

We already anticipate that It is an immense game that can overwhelm, but with a spectacular graphic section, a concept very different from what we usually see and hours and hours of game ahead. We tell you our experience trying it. Spoiler: It is one of the best Android games in 2021.

Prepare a good time for the tutorial

If you want to start playing ‘MARVEL Future Revolution’, leave at least an hour in the bedroom just for the tutorial and character selection. We are not going to spoil you, but here is an overwhelming number of heroes, each one has their own tutorial, to which must be added the initial tutorial itself, which tells us the story of the game.

Screenshot 20210825 104115 Revolution

The graphics in this game are a work of art.

Screenshot 20210825 111101 Revolution

The cinematics move completely fluid.

Screenshot 20210825 112012 Revolution

And if you are a fan of Marvel you will be excited in less than an hour of play.

It is a very easy game to play, although the amount of attacks and controls that each hero has can be overwhelming at first. As a curiosity, as a game requires network connectionWe have an automatic game mode, in case we are in the middle of a mission and we cannot answer the phone but we do not want to disconnect.

A “small” open world and hundreds of players

The summary of this game is pure Marvel: the world is in danger and heroes have to unite to save it. For multiversal reasons and other Marvel reasons, there are the same heroes from different universes, so you can be the Captain America of yours, but fight hand-to-hand with other Captains America from other universes (other players).

We can choose our favorite heroes, customize them and play with other players in an open world

We can choose between the most iconic Marvel heroes, such as Spiderman, Black Widow, Captain America, Star Lord, etc. In addition, they are customizable with different outfits that we will acquire, so our character can look different from the rest of the players.

Screenshot 20210825 104043 Revolution

During the course of the game, we will explore different areas, either freely or by following the missions. On the map we will meet all the players on the server, so we will fight together (there are an astonishing number of enemies, so your help is necessary).

In addition to this free game mode, but based on history, we will have different modes that we will unlock as we gain level in the game, so we have hours and hours of fun.

Prepare your mobile: this is a demanding game, although the graphics are adapted to more modest terminals

In our case, we have played on a Snapdragon 888 with 12 GB of RAM, so the performance has been excellent: the graphic section is a delight and everything performs perfectly. If we have a more modest mobile, it will automatically adapt the graphics to this game, although we have already warned you that a good mid-range will be necessary, at least, to enjoy it.

The game is completely free, but has a large number of micropayments to gain an advantage over other players. However, it is not necessary to spend money to enjoy it and pass the story on to us.

MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Netmarble
  • Download: For Android in Google Play Store