Waze renews its route display to warn of traffic jams and other incidents on the road

waze renews its route display to warn of traffic jams.jpg
waze renews its route display to warn of traffic jams.jpg

Waze updates the pre screen

Using a free GPS navigation app often leads to an often heated discussion: Google Maps or Waze? They are not the only applications that allow you to reach any point in the world using voice guidance, but there is no doubt that they are the most used. And they are updated frequently, as is the case with the latest novelty just landed on Waze: now offers more information before starting the

Alternative routes, traffic conditions and real-time information

Waze Routes

Currently Waze already offers different information depending on the location of the next destination since the loading screen allows you to view the chosen route with the option of selecting a different departure time; and it also has lower accesses to alternative routes, to share routes and to see the route. This changes with the last change on this screen.

As reported by Waze, the driving platform has profoundly revamped the pre screen

Through the new loading screen Waze aims to make the

Waze’s idea is that each

Because it is not always sought to arrive as quickly as possible, that Waze offers the different options of the route directly and without the need to dive between the options it is an improvement for the planning of the routes. And if you do not want complications, just continue as before: selecting the recommended route and you’re done. This update will be reaching all users starting today.

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