Waze is already compatible with the best of Android Auto: the browser is completely adapted to Coolwalk

waze is already compatible with the best of android auto.webp.webp.webp
waze is already compatible with the best of android auto.webp.webp.webp

In the absence of Google expanding the Coolwalk interface to all Android Auto users, an option that the company has already confirmed, the lucky ones who already enjoy it have the updated Waze browser at their fingertips: its latest beta is completely adapted to the aforementioned Coolwalk. And it can be tested, just download the apk file.

GPS navigators are an essential type of application in car infotainment systems; hence Google ends up opening its hand in Android Auto to allow more options apart from its own, Google Maps and Waze. After the irruption of options such as Sygic, TomTom or Here WeGo, the native apps of the platform continue to dominate Android Auto. And Waze is very much to blame for it.

Multiscreen in Waze adapted to Coolwalk

Waze on Coolwalk

Waze in Coolwalk full screen

Waze has been compatible with Android Auto almost since its inception. Since it also belongs to Google, the browser was adapting to the vehicle system at the same rate that said system was evolving. And, with the jump to the multiscreen favored by Coolwalk, Waze is already ready to redesign its interface.

Waze adapts its user interface to Android Auto Coolwalk to respond perfectly to the actions carried out on the screen. Waze information is located in the lower right corner, the map switches between full screen and running in the background, the whole interface moves smoothly; with animations and transition between the different views that are not affected by the ratio and resolution of the console installed in the vehicle.

Waze in the background

Waze in the background with Spotify playing music

We have been testing Waze beta on our Android Auto updated to the latest beta, 8.8, without any problems. The experience was good with a perfect adaptation to Coolwalk. And no bugs, at least in our experience.

The new Waze interface, already adapted to Android Auto Coolwalk, can be seen in the latest beta of the GPS navigator, the one that corresponds to version You can try it just by downloading the relevant installation file from APK Mirror, although to see the changes you need to have Coolwalk activated in Android Auto.

Incident notifications in Waze with Coolwalk

Incident notifications in Waze with Coolwalk

Once Waze verifies that everything works correctly, it will bring the new interface of your application to the stable versions. We do not know when that will happen, as well as the date on which Google will finally roll out Coolwalk to all users.

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