Watch YouTube videos with sound and in full from the main screen of the app: the latest Google test

watch youtube videos with sound and in full from the.jpg
watch youtube videos with sound and in full from the.jpg

If you want to watch a YouTube video, you generally need to open YouTube, find the video you want to watch, and tap on it to start playing. In the last test, this last step is unnecessary: ​​the videos they are reproduced whole and with sound as they appear as you scroll through the suggestions.

Is about a test which seems to be active for few users, something to be appreciated because it can be somewhat intrusive in the absence of knowing if there will be an option to disable this behavior in the options, which is somewhat to be expected.

Watch videos without entering the video

Google seems interested in copying how autoplay of videos works on Facebook. The behavior is similar in a YouTube test whereby instead of seeing a silent preview of the video displayed on the screen, it starts playing normal, with sound and everything, while scrolling through the various videos on the YouTube home screen.

To do this, the preview changes a bit from the previous version. For example, two new buttons are displayed at the top to control sound and subtitles. Predictably, the sound button will be used to activate or deactivate the sound, as in Facebook, although it does not seem to work correctly yet.

Android 12, Pixel 4A. You can play entire YouTube video from home screen without actually clicking on it. YouTube has also added an option to toggle CC and scroll through progress player (can see image preview now) @MattNavarra @wongmjane @ alex193a @liahaberman @digitaliworld

– Samarth 🍥 (@iamstake) June 22, 2021

On the other hand, the play bar at the bottom, with which you can scroll the length of the video, just like when you open it normally. Basically, it is something like having the full YouTube player, but integrated into the preview that is displayed while you scroll through the suggested videos.

As proof, it is impossible to predict if it will end up activating all users or if it will remain in the pipeline like so many other ideas. The person had this change was using a Google Pixel 4A with Android 12, although there does not appear to be an exact pattern for activation.

Via | XDA