Verification codes in your steps on your smartwatch with Authenticator Pro, compatible with Wear OS

verification codes in your steps on your smartwatch with authenticator.jpg
verification codes in your steps on your smartwatch with authenticator.jpg

Turning on two-step verification is a good measure to increase the security of any account, to the point that Google will automatically activate it for millions of people soon. This second step may consist of a code in an application such as Google Authenticator, but there is another less known option that stands out for being Wear OS compatible: Authenticator Pro.

Authenticator Pro is a free, open source, comprehensive 2FA ID app that is ad-free. It supports the TOTP, HOTP, mOTP and Steam standards, so you can configure with the vast majority of providers.

The identification code on your wrist

Authenticator Pro is a complete authentication application that includes the same support as heavyweights, such as Google Authenticator. It’s more, you can import the settings from a multitude of alternatives such as Google Authenticator, Authy, Steam, Blizzard Authenticator and a handful more.

Of course, you can also configure the accounts directly either manually or by using the mobile camera to scan a QR code. An advantage over similar applications is that you can organize your keys by categories to separate, for example, the ones you use at work from the personal ones.


The application itself is quite simple, with a few customization options including the dark theme and being able to choose the color of the interface. In the field of security, it is possible protect codes using mobile biometrics, in addition to making the codes only show up after tapping on the corresponding account.

However, one point that stands out is that supports Wear OS, which means that you can check these codes on your smartwatch without having to use your mobile or change the application, which can be frustrating because the codes expire after a few seconds.


It should be emphasized that, although Google Authenticator was initially compatible with Wear OS, support ended without warning last year. A good open source alternative is Authenticator Pro, which is also free.

Authenticator Pro |  offline 2FA Two Factor app

Authenticator Pro | offline 2FA Two Factor app

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  • Price: Free
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