Using WhatsApp on two mobiles at the same time is closer to being a reality

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1657282656 1366 2000.webp.webp
First reference to the multi-device (left) and the most recent (right)

As with every WhatsApp beta, the news we see there could take months to appear in the stable version. And that in the best of cases, since it cannot be ruled out that the developers abort a feature that has been tested in beta. Nevertheless, It would be strange that this does not end up coming sooner rather than later.

In the previous leak there were references to the possibility of using the same WhatsApp number for two mobiles. In the last one, which is the one you can see on the right in the WaBetaInfo screenshot, it has been found that there will be full synchronization of chats.

In other words, just like what happens in Telegram and other messaging apps, we could have a chat conversation on one mobile, open the app on another and continue it just where we left off. So at least it shows in a message at the top notifying you that chats are syncing.

It is unknown how long will the process take of synchronization, since here there is an important difference with Telegram. And it is that WhatsApp backups are stored on Google Drive servers, but through our account, while Telegram backups can be faster by staying on their own servers.

We will have to continue waiting for new betas that can shed a little more light on the matter and that will help us, once and for all, to end one of the great deficiencies that WhatsApp continues to have. will also remain see this feature on iOS and if it is possible to use the same account on an Android mobile and an iPhone or will it be limited to only one operating system.

Source | WaBetaInfo