Using AirPods on an Android mobile is less tedious thanks to this open source application

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A server who writes these lines is used to alternating the use of iPhone with Android mobiles. My go-to headphones are the AirPods Pro. However, I used other Bluetooth headphones when using my android phone simply because of how tedious it is for me not being able to see battery level natively in Android.

CAPod is very easy to handle for this task. Simply connect the AirPods through the normal process in the Bluetooth settings (also works for Beats headphones) and open the app. In the main panel we will see a box in which all the headphone key info.

For example, we can see the state of the microphone, if the headphones are well placed in our ear and, of course, the battery level of each earbud and case. Although, as it happens even in iOS, the battery percentage of the case is not always displayed, but when it is open. And sometimes it is even necessary to introduce the AirPods for it. At least this has been my experience.

airpods on android

It can be said that CAPod brings other interesting functions, such as automatically pausing and starting playback when removing a headset in the same way that happens in iOS. It also allows you to use a single earphone continuously, being able to have the other stored in the case. Being able to see if the case is close to the mobile or not is also an interesting function to avoid loss.

Nevertheless, the app does not cover all limitations. For example, the playback of content with Spatial Audio is not available even with CAPod, something that in any case could be explored by the app’s developers in the future, which show the code on GitHub.

It should be said that the application, although simple for now, is available on Google Play for free. You can download it now and start enjoying more of your Apple headphones on Android with added features that you’ll only have natively on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Of course, we hope that the app will continue to improve over time and polish all the deficiencies that are still present.

CAPod - Companion for AirPods

CAPod – Companion for AirPods

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: darken
  • Download at: google play