Use an avatar in a WhatsApp video call: the latest and surprising novelty that is on the way

use an avatar in a whatsapp video call the latest.jpg
use an avatar in a whatsapp video call the latest.jpg

Some WhatsApp news is more predictable than others. The last one that WaBetaInfo has discovered we did not expect: its developers are working to allow us to use an avatar during a video call.

At the moment we do not have any images of those avatars, but simply the fact that during a WhatsApp video call there will be a button to change to an avatar presumably in the style of Memoji, AR Emoji, Animoji and the like.

Avatars in video calls on WhatsApp

There are times when you may not be presentable for a video call. You always have the option to turn off the camera, but in the future there may be another way: change your face to an avatar.

This surprising novelty seems to be on the way to WhatsApp, as they have been able to discover in WaBetaInfo. For now the WhatsApp avatars They are not active either publicly or internally, so we are left with the question of what they will be like, if we can customize them or if they will respond to our movements using the camera, which would be normal.


What we know at the moment is that during a video call you will have the option to change to an avatar, which will be useful if you don’t want to show your face as it is at that moment. Filters in video calls are quite common today and we have them, for example, in the other apps in the house, Messenger and Instagram, but until now there was nothing similar in WhatsApp.

We are left with the doubt if we can customize the avatar or if instead we will have to choose between a series of 3D characters and/or animals that move and gesticulate following the movements of our face, in the style of Memoji, AR Emoji, Animoji and the like. This scenario seems the most likely in a video call.


Both Facebook (left) and Instagram (right) have an avatar creator, though they don’t animate with your face like Memoji.

It is necessary to remember that Meta already has an avatar creator on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to a lot of experience in this of the filters that react to our movements. This, and a focus on the metaverse in which these avatars would “fit” in video calls. We will have to see how things end. At the moment we do not know when the function will be ready.

Via | WaBetaInfo