Updating TDTChannels is more necessary than ever: the latest version fixes bugs and adds an interesting shortcut

updating tdtchannels is more necessary than ever the latest version.webp.webp.webp
updating tdtchannels is more necessary than ever the latest version.webp.webp.webp

There is no doubt that TDTChannels is one of the best applications to watch DTT channels on mobile phones, but also on televisions with Android TV. And since it came back to life in December, just two months after announcing its closure, It is an app that has not stopped improving. And for proof, the latest news we have about her.

If a few weeks ago new channels were announced that were added to the TDTChannels lists, what we know now are somewhat more silent news, but equally outstanding. And it is that some important bug fixes have been applied that make updating almost an obligation for anyone who enjoys this app on their mobile.

Say goodbye to annoying errors and two shortcuts to go back

Before the commented closure in November of last year, TDTChannels incorporated an extensive list of channels into its application. Since its return, it is actually an IPTV player to which you have to add lists, a process that is not too complicated and that in essence keeps it as useful as ever. However, performance issues were being experienced in previous versions that worsened the user experience.

Now, as they have reported in their Discord channel and we can already see in the Google Play file, more “application stability” is added as a general rule, but also some of those errors shown in particular. For example, an annoying bug that caused during the loading of the emissions were blocked. That annoying regression to the main menu when an error occurred during playback is also solved, since now it will return to the broadcast selection screen.

In addition to solving the aforementioned errors, an interesting novelty has also been added in the latest version. It is about the possibility of return to the broadcast menu or the main one quickly when we are in full playbackhaving to press the arrow back gently to go back to the broadcasts and keeping the arrow pressed to go to the main one.

These novelties, as we said, are integrated into the latest update of TDTChannels on Google Play, specifically in the version 2023.05.1. If you already had the app, all you have to do is follow the usual process by opening Google Play, clicking on your photo, then ‘Manage apps and device’ and finally entering ‘Available updates’. And if you didn’t have it, by looking for it and downloading it, you’ll already be installing this version as it’s the most recent.

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