Updating a Xiaomi is easier with MIUI Downloader: discover all the available ROMs

updating a xiaomi is easier with miui downloader discover all.jpeg
updating a xiaomi is easier with miui downloader discover all.jpeg

With the MIUI Downloader application you can find all the ROMs that are available for your Xiaomi, whether it is a stable global update such as Xiaomi.eu or Chinese firmwares. The app offers direct download of the ROMs and remarkable information on how up-to-date devices are.

Keeping an Android up to date is often quite an odyssey, even an impossible one. We already know that updates are not exactly the strong point of our system, but there are always options to keep mobile phones and tablets more or less up to date. In the case of Xiaomi there is a huge community in the rear; with lots of ROMs available. And the MIUI Downloader app centralizes all downloads.

List of updates with option to download

Miui Downloader

The most common when looking to see if a device has an update is to go to its system settings and check it precisely from the update menu. Xiaomi is no stranger to the generic method, although it maintains other ways to revive its software: it also allows installation from an original image or flashing from a ROM, for example.

MIUI Downloader centralizes all the update options available for Xiaomi devices. As soon as you start the app you will see that “Your device” appears in the list: pressing there the application will communicate everything that is available for your mobile or tablet. If the ROM is official you can install it directly (you must differentiate between global and Chinese). In the case of a Xiaomi.eu you must have the Bootloader unlocked to install the ROM from the Recovery.

The application that we recommend allows you to keep up to date with all the ROMs that exist for your device no need to visit the Chinese and global MIUI community, nor to the Xiaomi.eu forums.

MIUI Downloader allows the direct download of the files, but does not flash them: you will have to do it yourself following each specific method and depending on whether you have an international or Chinese Xiaomi. Remember that betas can only be installed on Chinese models, but you can always opt for the relevant Xiaomi.eu ROM (they adapt the beta on a weekly basis).

Miui Downloader

MIUI Downloader is a free app that has no in-app purchases, but some (and annoying) ads. It goes very to keep up in terms of ROM. And you can download the application directly from Google Play.

MIUI Downloader |  MIUI News & MIUI Apps

MIUI Downloader | MIUI News & MIUI Apps

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