Update your Android Auto to version 8.8 now: how to download the first beta version

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The development of Android Auto is not running, Google is accelerating: if a few days ago we attended the deployment of the stable version number 8.7, today we have the next step among us, first in beta: Android Auto 8.8. We tell you how you can download it to your phone to rejuvenate your car.

Keeping the phone software updated is usually a good idea, not in vain the developers they solve the errors of their software apart from including new features in each version. And Google is more of the former than the latter, at least when it comes to Android Auto: the in-vehicle system gets more updates than many of Google’s apps. Keeping track of him is difficult, we already have new material to connect to the car.

Improvements to Assistant suggestions using Coolwalk

Android Auto Capture

The new Android Auto update, the one that corresponds to the number 8.8, is available to all those who have subscribed to the experimental program. Said program is closed, although there are always options to capture a momentary gap: our recommendation is check periodically to verify access. Otherwise, there are always options to stay up to date just by downloading the apk file.

After installing the update on several of our phones, only those that already had the beta active showed the Coolwalk interface. Therefore, Android Auto 8.8 does not activate it by default, we still have to wait for Google to deploy the interface from its servers (You’ve already confirmed that it’s up and running, the rollout is slow.) We have not found differences at the design and functional level, there are traces in the code that Android Auto 8.8 beta improves Google Assistant suggestions, prioritizing them over other applications.

Beyond the internal changes, Android Auto 8.8 beta expands compatibility with vehicle models, improves stability and fixes certain issues with Google Assistant voice commands. To try this version right now in your car you must do the following:

  • Enter this APK Mirror page and download Android Auto 8.8 beta. It is secure and signed by Google.
  • Open the downloaded file on the mobile you use to connect the mobile to the car. When you get the update message accept: this shows that the file is signed by Google and is authentic.
  • To settle the changes it is best to do a phone restart. Once done, use Android Auto as normal.

Since it’s a beta, and still in the early stages of development, you have to be a little careful when using it: can always lead to some unwanted errors. From our experience it works perfectly: no hangs, no failures, no loss of connection.