Two WhatsApp creators create their own competition: HalloApp is a new free and ad-free rival

two whatsapp creators create their own competition halloapp is a.jpg
two whatsapp creators create their own competition halloapp is a.jpg

HalloApp is a new application that comes from the hand of two of the creators of WhatsApp. It comes mainly to compete with both WhatsApp and Telegram and the rest of the messaging apps, with end-to-end encrypted chats and trying not to ask for more permissions from the account.

We are going to tell you what this alternative to WhatsApp offers, a service that accumulates more than 2 billion users and that it does not seem to have much competition today, despite the variety and quality of alternatives. Will HalloApp be able to stand up to it?

An ad-free app with few permissions


HalloApp is an app developed by two of the creators of WhatsApp. Unlike the app now owned by Facebook, HalloApp aims to be simple at the permission level, and integrate aspects of social network to be something more than a messaging app. The app only asks us for permission for contacts, as well as multimedia files if we want to

At the moment, HalloApp is a very simple app to chat and share content with our friends

The chat functions, for the moment, are very limited, being able to

A striking section of it is the start one, which works in a similar way to the feed of any social network. Here we can share messages and multimedia with our contacts, and they can comment on what we post. It is a way of mixing messaging with a social network, to share what we want with our close circle.



  • Developer: HalloApp Inc.
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Download it at: App Store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Social