Twitter Blue arrives in Spain and with a mess of prices: these are the advantages provided by the subscription

twitter blue arrives in spain and with a mess of.webp.webp.webp
twitter blue arrives in spain and with a mess of.webp.webp.webp

Twitter Blue has been around for a long time, although since Elon Musk owned Twitter it has undergone several changes. He first stopped the subscription and then relaunched it with new advantages such as giving subscribers a blue badge. Now we attended the launch outside of the United States and Canada. And without having to cheat to subscribe.

Twitter Blue is beginning to reach Spanish users in stages. In fact, some may have it enabled via the web, others only in the iOS app and others in the Android app. Or in all three. The chosen criteria is not known, although this silent takeoff aims to be a global launch for everyone in the coming days or weeks.

The price will depend on the device you subscribe to

In the same way that the same can of soda can cost more in one store than in another, the subscription to Twitter Blue doesn’t cost the same on all operating systems either.. They offer monthly and annual plans, the latter being billed annually, but saving money compared to paying 12 monthly payments with the other plan.

Twitter Blue Pricing

Different prices, depending on the platform from which we subscribe

  • Subscription from the web: 8 euros per month in the monthly plan / 7 euros per month in the annual plan
  • Subscription from the app on iOS: 8 euros per month in the monthly plan / 7 euros per month with the annual plan
  • Subscription from the Android app: 11 euros per month in the monthly plan

It should be said that currently there is some confusion about the prices. And it is that in the case of Android it is said that those 11 euros are part of a temporary offer, so it could end up costing more if we subscribe later (they do not provide information on that price without an offer).

Another point to note is that You will not be able to subscribe if you have changed your name, username or profile picture in the last three days. This seems to be a preventative measure after the chaos that ensued a few months ago when some subscribers began to usurp the identity of verified companies.

Account verification and other benefits of Twitter Blue

We already said that Elon Musk revolutionized Twitter upon arrival. One of his first ‘battles’ was negotiating the price of the blue badge. Finally, this no longer represents officially verified accounts, but Twitter Blue subscribers (and other previously verified accounts that have not received another verification). So the list of advantages that can already be enjoyed on Twitter Blue is as follows:

  • Increased visibility: Twitter’s algorithm has been and remains a mystery. However, the platform ensures that with Twitter Blue they will be given greater visibility, either on the timeline of their followers or in responses to other tweets.
  • Blue badge: Well, as we already mentioned, this is one of the extras that is added after subscribing to Twitter Blue. Of course, it may take days in some cases.
  • Editing tweets: Probably one of the most requested features historically and exclusive to paying customers now. We have already tested it and it allows you to edit any tweet published in the last half hour and with a maximum of up to five editions. And leaving a trace in the form of history.
  • NFT Profile Images: controversial NFTs can now be used as profile photos for Twitter Blue subscribers.
  • Post longer, higher-quality videos: the duration limitation of the published videos is removed. In the free version, the limit is 2 minutes and 20 seconds and in ‘Blue’ up to 60 minutes (although only via the web). Similarly, the resolution is allowed to be up to 1,080p.
  • Early access to new features: Whether it’s features that eventually get dropped or end up making their way to the free version, Twitter Blue promises that its subscribers will be able to try everything before anyone else.

In line with the latter, there are other benefits coming soon to Twitter Blue. Of those that are already confirmed, the one of power draws attention remove half of the ads. Twitter Blue will still not completely remove advertising, but it will show half of it.

Likewise, Musk himself never stops thinking and announcing new functionalities to the four winds, although his word is not always synonymous with the fact that it will happen. The last thing in this regard is related to surveys only valid for ‘Blue’ subscriberswhich is even filtered in the code.