Twitter also ‘copies’ TikTok. Although he may regret it as happened to Facebook and Instagram

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has announced changes in the way you see tweets that include videos. Something that, however small it may be, is one more symptom of the ‘TikTokization’ that are being carried out in the main social networks.

At the moment, only for the English version of Twitter

If you use the social network with the language set to English, either on Android or iOS, in the next few days you will see the new full screen video player. This, as already happens in TikTok or when viewing Instagram Reels, you can slide down and up to see other video content on our timeline.

Twitter Player

New player and redesign of the Twitter ‘Explore’ tab

Although it is not the only novelty. Twitter will also add a video carousel in the tab Explore. Just as we can currently find tweets of all kinds that are gaining relevance in recent hours, in the aforementioned carousel we will see the most popular videos of the social network.

Some will see this as a simple evolution of the social network. Others, on the contrary, could take these developments as one more symptom of the loss of essence of Twitter as some already suggested when the social network began to extend the character limit of tweets.

However, and at least for the moment, there is no confirmation that these features will be extended to other languages ​​such as Spanish. Everything will depend on the feedback that the platform receives. See as examples of failure Instagram’s attempt to imitate the TikTok feed, which only lasted a few weeks until it was discarded. Facebook also promised something similar to TikTok and, at least for now, it hasn’t arrived yet.

Source | Twitter