‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’ comes to iOS and Android with exciting massive real-time battles

total war medieval ii comes to ios and android with.jpg
total war medieval ii comes to ios and android with.jpg

In mid-March, and following the release of ‘Alien: Isolation’, Feral Interactive opened pre-registration for ‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’ and announced that it would land on mobile devices in April. The appointed day has come and we can now download the classic strategy game from Creative Assembly that came out in 2006.

The fourth game in the Total War series offers a combination of real-time battles and turn-based strategy, with content spanning three continents during the Middle Ages. Of course, do not expect the free-to-play mode, if you want to enjoy ‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’, you will have to go through the box.

Master the art of war and create a feudal kingdom

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The new game from Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly combines the classic massive real-time battles of Total War with turn-based strategy. All this, in addition, has been optimized for mobile devices with a new, more intuitive user interface and more polished touch controls.

‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’ takes place across three continents during the Middle Ages: Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Your mission in the game will be to destabilize your rivals and forge alliances to achieve power as the great kingdoms of the medieval world vie for supremacy.

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You can use diplomacy, conquest or trade, but you must secure the necessary resources and loyalty to rule an empire stretching from the shores of Western Europe to the sands of Arabia.

In addition to real-time battles with infantry, archers, cavalry and a multitude of weapons, ‘Total War: MEDIEVAL II’ brings 17 playable factions to build major world powers. And that includes, of course, the management of the settlements and the appointment of agents for state affairs.

This new title in the Total War series is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. In both cases, its price of 14.99 euros for the full game, without ads or additional purchases. Keep in mind, however, that it requires 4.3 GB of free space and Android 9 or iOS 15 as a minimum.



  • Developer: FeralInteractive
  • Download it at: app store
  • Download it at: google play
  • Category: Strategy
  • Price: €14.99