“Tomorrow you’re going to toast”: your Android phone can warn you of a heat wave

tomorrow youre going to toast your android phone can warn.jpg
tomorrow youre going to toast your android phone can warn.jpg
We are at the end of June and we recently suffered the first big heat wave of the year. Do you want to anticipate the next ones? You can use the mobile: this can warn you if a high rise in temperatures is coming.

Weather applications are a type of basic software on a mobile, they all tend to include that of the manufacturer itself; with the option to add the Google weather application to the start, for example. These types of apps can alert as adverse changes are coming, such as a heat wave. Let’s see how to anticipate extreme temperature rises.

High temperature alerts to anticipate the heat wave

heat wave

With all the weather applications you will have the current weather view with the option of checking the forecasts for the coming weeks and, depending on the app, until the next 14 days. With this data you can get an idea of ​​whether the value that arrives is much higher than normal or not, but you may not want to go looking for such basic and necessary information.

There are many weather applications that include

After trying many options we have opted for the weather channel, one of the most important platforms in the world when it comes to time tracking. Its alert service is very powerful.

Extreme temperatures with The Weather Channel

Heat Wave 1

This weather app is very complete, it offers a nice interface, the data is highly reliable and includes all key features without paying extra (in exchange for ads; which can be removed). Also what we are looking for, the extreme temperature alert.

Once The Weather Channel is installed, and the permissions are configured (you need to give it the permanent location), it’s time to adjust the alert:

  • Access the configuration, in the three menu points (top right).
  • Select “Alerts.”
  • Go to the “Manage” tab and go to “Significant Weather Forecasts”.
  • Set the selector to “Yes” and select “Very hot.” You will already have active the warning before the arrival of heat waves.
  • We recommend that you also activate the alerts “Changes are coming” and “Alerts issued by the government”.

You can choose other alerts if you prefer, you can also choose to have a permanent notification with the current weather. In our opinion, with receiving extreme change notices It is more than enough.

Weather - The Weather Channel

Weather – The Weather Channel

  • Developer: El Canal del clima
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
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