Tivify is also used to see the regional and local channels of another province: this is how you can do it

tivify is also used to see the regional and local.webp.webp.webp
tivify is also used to see the regional and local.webp.webp.webp

Watch TV on mobile or

For whatever reason, there are apps that have been able to see this gap in the market and Tivify is one of the best positioned. It is an application that, in its free aspect, allows us to watch practically all free television. And yes, that includes the regional and local channels for when you’re out of your country and you’re homesick.

List of regional and local channels for free on your mobile

Tivify is in the league of DistroTV or Pluto TV as it is an application that collects free channels. They are the same ones that you can find on DTT and you can see almost all of them without paying anything.. Surely you will eat an ad from the app, but the channels that you have for free by connecting the antenna are also on your mobile.

You may think that it is silly to have an app like this if there are other ways to watch DTT for free on your mobile, such as DTT Channels or each channel’s own pages and apps, but the difference between these services and Tivify is that, in the latter , we can engrave.

We have up to 60 hours of channel recording with programs broadcast in the last 30 days in the free version, as well as some programs on demand, and the best thing is that you can also watch regional television and even local ones

The platform makes it very easy for us to know what channels you have available, but below we are going to list both regional and local channels so that you have the list easily accessible.

Regional channels:

  • TV3
  • south channel
  • telemadrid
  • Galician Television
  • AragonTV
  • ETB
  • IB3
  • Canarian Television
  • Extremadura Channel
  • to point
  • A7
  • the 7
  • CMM
  • Region of Murcia Television
  • BTS 1
  • TV Melilla
  • Navarre Television
  • 33 Super 3
  • Andalusia TV
  • The other
  • Galician Television 2
  • 7TV
  • Mediterranean TV
  • A8
  • the 8
  • 8TV
  • 8 Madrid
  • Tevecat
  • Good Day TV
mobile DTT

Local channels:

  • Beteve
  • Malaga channel
  • channel 45
  • Channel 10 Empordà
  • 101 tv
  • VoTV
  • 9 The Hill
  • Xaloa Telebista
  • Valles Visió
  • TVR
  • TVM Cordoba
  • TV L’Hospitalet
  • Yours La Janda TV
  • Badalona Television
  • telesafor
  • teleonuba
  • taronja
  • TAC 12
  • Cadiz wave
  • OA TV
  • Mijas 3.40 TV
  • MarTV
  • interalmeria
  • Teleribera Group
  • Medium Chain Group
  • ETV Terramar
  • Estepona TV
  • the 9 tv
  • TV District
  • Stop TV stories
  • Cordoba TV
  • Condavision
  • San Roque Channel
  • Channel 4 Television
  • Sierra de Cádiz Channel
  • Pirineus TV

As you can see, surely the channel that you like and watch at home can also be seen anywhere thanks to the application and as long as you have data or Wi-Fi. However, there are different plans and options depending on the plan.

In the free plan you have all these local and regional channels, as well as those of RTVE, various entertainment programs, movies and series, sports, music and children’s channels. However, the Atresmedia and Mediaset channelsas well as others of the style of Warner TV are reserved for Plus or Premium accounts.

The worst news, in my opinion, is that If you want to send any of these channels to the Chromecast, you need a paid accountsince the free version does not support this function and, although it is displayed on the screen, when we select it, we get the notice that we need a payment plan

But hey, if what you wanted was to watch a regional or local channel from your mobile, you already know that there are apps that make it easy.

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