TikTok stories won’t be like Instagram stories: this is how TikTok ‘Quick’ will work, according to leaks

tiktok stories wont be like instagram stories this is how.jpeg
tiktok stories wont be like instagram stories this is how.jpeg
In the summer of last year we learned that TikTok was working on its stories, a function that you want to inherit from Instagram to make it even more competitive. In the early stages of testing, everything seemed to indicate that they were going to copy the format, quite separating the stories from the main feed.

Matt Navarre now share new leaks from a more advanced phase of testing in these stories from TikTok. Everything indicates that they will arrive under the name of ‘Quick’, and will be integrated into the feed (For You) instead of in a separate section.

Stories in ‘For you’ itself

Here’s what TikTok Stories will now look like in your FYP

3/4 pic.twitter.com/vlbpCSOaWY

– Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) January 17, 2022

Mat Navarra, one of the great RRSS consultants of the moment, has shared how the TikTok ‘Quick’ works. will be integrated in the “For You” section itself, the main TikTok feed. The idea of ​​a sidebar to locate them seems to be ruled out.


We will be able to see stories of any user, not only those of the users we follow. The goal of “For you” is to discover new accounts, so the stories they will be a new way to discover content creators.

to upload a story We will do it practically the same as when we upload any video. In this case, we will see a direct access to ‘Quick’, with which we can share content that will be deleted after 24 hours.

There is no date yet for this function, but it aims to be in one of its last phases of testing, so we could see it this 2022 already working in a stable way and for all users.