TikTok blatantly copies BeReal with TikTok Now: you’ll never know when to upload your videos

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TikTok Now: 10-second photo or video without you knowing when it will be your turn to upload it

tiktok now

The novelty is reaching mobile applications around the world, including Spain. As TikTok announces on his press blog, Now kicks off its journey with an approach of freshness and spontaneity stolen directly from BeReal. And without blushing, the premises are exactly the same.

As in the aforementioned BeReal, TikTok Now will send a notification to those who sign up to keep them waiting to create and upload their content. Said notification will be daily. By surprise. And whoever wants to share what they are doing will have very little time to record it.

The key features of TikTok Now are as follows:

  • Users will receive a notice each day to create and upload their content. No one will know when this warning will jump, it will be by surprise.
  • TikTok Now will allow a maximum of ten seconds per video or photo.
  • The photo or video will be taken by the two cameras of the mobile, the rear and the front.
  • Each user will be able to choose who sees their TikTok Now from the application settings.
  • TikTok Now will be available within TikTok’s own app and also as standalone app.
tiktok now

Despite the fact that TikTok declares that Now is already available in Spain, we have not yet seen it included in our applications: neither on Android nor on the iPhone (we also do not find the independent application in mobile stores). It is to be hoped that it will reach all users shortly. And it will not be mandatory to use it, even if you regularly use TikTok: the use of Now is optional.

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