Three ways to install APK apps on your Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV

three ways to install apk apps on your android tv.jpg
three ways to install apk apps on your android tv.jpg

Do you want to have all the applications on your Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV even if they are not available on Google Play? As in mobile phones, also TVs and multimedia players have the ability to install applications in APK format. And it is not complicated at all, we tell you three ways to achieve it.

Since Android is based on the operating system that Google develops for mobiles, TVs and multimedia players that are based on Android TV (including the latest Chromecast with Google TV) they have very similar characteristics, they can even install identical applications. Of course, not all of them are adapted to the TV interface, this is the main reason why many apps that could be compatible do not appear in the Android TV store. Fortunately, there are the APK files.

Install apps that don’t appear on your TV’s Google Play

Install Apk Android Tv

Android TV interface with Google TV

APK files are a very simple way to enjoy applications that are not available in the official Android store, the Google Play Store. Because they are not compatible with the device, because they are not located in the country or because they offer functions that Google does not authorize, the reasons for installing an APK can be multiple. The ways to add the APKs to Android TV as well.

Since Android TV does not include a serial file manager, the first step will be to download one to the TV or player. I always recommend File Commander, it seems to me the best in its class, also the most secure. It is available in the store of your Android TV (or Chromecast with Google TV), it is free and has some advertising that does not interfere with use.

File Commander Manager & Cloud

File Commander Manager & Cloud

  • Developer: MobiSystems
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Company

With File Commander you can navigate to the directory where the APK files are downloaded to, by clicking on them, install them on the device. This step is common for any installation from outside of Google Play, what does vary is the way in

Once you have the APK file on your Android TV, the way to proceed will always be the same: you must install it from the File Commander file manager

Install the APKs on the Android TV from the USB or the SD

Usb skewers

The usual thing is that your TV or player includes a USB port or an SD card socket that is used to expand device storage, an element that is suitable for what we are looking for: installing applications in APK. Unfortunately this is not valid for the Chromecast with Google TV as it lacks expansion or SD ports (its USB C port is power only).

As you would to move any file to a computer, just add the APKs to the USB or SD card (they must be formatted to FAT32), insert the external media in the corresponding socket of the Android TV and install the files from File Commander (Enter the external medium and install the APKs from there). The app will recognize the external storage and install the applications after clicking on them.

Install Apk Android Tv

USB with APKs detected by File Commander

This method is fast and almost universal, although it involves moving a memory stick or USB from the computer to the TV. If you want to use the phone at all times, the best is the following method.

Use an app: Send files to TV

Install Apk Android Tv 2

Send Files to TV on Android TV

If you don’t want to depend on a computer or an external medium You can carry out the entire transfer process from the Send files to TV app, both on mobile and on TV. You must install the application on both devices: it is found in the Google Play Store.

Send files to TV

Send files to TV

  • Developer: Yablio
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

Once you have Send files to TV installed on the TV and on the phone, carry out the following process:

  • Download the APK files to your mobile.
  • Open Send files to TV on both devices: mobile and Android TV. Both must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • It gives permission to access the storage, essential for inLet’s see how to use the HTTP server built into File Commander:
    • Open File Commander on your Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV and enter the “File transfer to PC“.
    • Press the switch to activate direct connectivity with the app. You will see a link IP appear.
    Install Apk Android Tv

    Write the IP that appears in File Commander to connect from the web browser of your computer or mobile

    • Write that IP in the web browser of your computer (or mobile): you will access the storage of your Android TV.
    • Go to the “Download” folder and upload all the APK files you want to install with the “Upload files” button at the top.
    Install Apk Android Tv

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