Three new Devolver Digital games arrive on Netflix and one of them can now be downloaded

three new devolver digital games arrive on netflix and one.jpg
three new devolver digital games arrive on netflix and one.jpg

Netflix is ​​preparing big changes for the end of the year, but along the way it does not stop expand your catalog of mobile games, a catalog that was officially released last fall, first for Android and later for iOS. Just a few days ago, he welcomed two titles (‘Townsmen’ and ‘Dragon Up’) and now he is ready to receive another three proposals.

In this case, Devolver Digital has been in charge of announcing that they will launch three new games on Netflix. entertainment platform. To enjoy ‘Reigns: Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Terra Nil’, we will have to wait a bit, but ‘Poinpy’ can now be downloaded on the entertainment platform.

One available and another two on the way

The first of the Netflix titles announced by Devolver Digital is ‘Poinpy’, from the creator of Downwell. Is about a colorful climbing game which, through randomly generated levels, will force us to crush fruits and make juice to feed a hungry beast. And the good news is that it is now available to download and play on Netflix.

At the end of this year will also arrive ‘Reigns: Three Kingdoms’, the fifth installment of the award-winning franchise from Nerial, which maintains its unique sliding mechanic and is inspired by the Chinese epic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. In it, players will be immersed in the final years of the Han dynasty, where they will encounter numerous factions, wars, and the well-known heroes of the saga.

Reigns Three Kingdoms

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Finally, already in 2023, ‘Terra Nil’, by Free Lives (Broforce), will arrive on Netflix. a reverse city builder on the reconstruction of ecosystems. Our mission will be to turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise with different types of flora and fauna.

Terra Nil

Terra Nil

Like the rest of the Netflix games, the three new Devolver Digital proposals are included in all platform subscriptions and no ads or purchases within the app. To download them, you just have to go to the Netflix page on Google Play or the App Store, although you can also find them in the Netflix app for iOS and Android, in the “Games” carousel on the home page.



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