Three months of Spotify Premium: listen to music for free, without ads and unlimited with the latest offer

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How to get 3 months free on Spotify

Spotify has announced a new promotion Until July 15th with which he will give away 3 months of subscription to his Premium service. You will only have to download the app on your mobile from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and register a new account. And this is precisely the only requirement: have never had an account before.

Once you have created the account, you must go to the tab Premium (lower right), in which will appear several current promotions depending on the plan chosen:

  • Premium Single: 3 months free
  • Premium for Students: 3 months free
  • Premium Duo: 1 month free
  • Family Premium: 1 month free
spotify promotion

If you have an iPhone, you will have to subscribe from the Spotify website.

If you are on Android, you will only have to choose your plan and you will be asked for the payment details as a security method to charge you when the promotion is over. Nevertheless, you will not be charged anything in that time and you can cancel before you are charged.

The way to subscribe from an iPhone is different, since Spotify does not allow you to do it from the application. To do this you must enter the Spotify website from the browser, log in and go to the section Premium to sign up for one of the subscriptions.

Now, where is the inconvenience that we mentioned before? Well, basically in the requirement that it has to be a new account, since you will lose all the playlists already created, as well as other data related to your activity if you already had an account previously. This will involve having to create the lists again or import them, which in the end makes it a bit tedious.

In the end, it is clear that The idea of ​​this promotion is to attract new customers. So, if you never used Spotify before or not with a Premium account, this is a good opportunity to start enjoying the content. Stay after the promotion and pay, it will be your decision.