Thor and Captain America a la Pokémon: Marvel World Heroes, Niantic’s new augmented reality game

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Marvel superheroes on your street

Marvel Heroes

Marvel World of Heroes is still in the development phase without us knowing much about what it will look like, the specific game mechanics, which characters can be controlled and how Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and others will appear on the map. As it is a Pokémon Go game, the most logical thing is that the different superheroes appear on the map so that we can interact with them using the mobile camera.

The goal of Marvel World of Heroes is to become a true superhero. For this, it will be necessary to customize the appearance and characteristics of the character to control; with whom after we will patrol the neighborhood to avoid as much as possible the crimes that are going to occur.

The game will be collaborative, so it will allow you to team up with other players to facilitate the task of “decriminalizing” the streets. And during the mobile street patrols, the different key Marvel characters will appear to, surely, give us superhero advice or propose missions with which to obtain advantages in the game. By the usual trend in Niantic titles, Marvel World of Heroes should have different levels and currencies; that will allow the exchange for collectibles and improvements.

The new Niantic and Marvel game will arrive on Android and iPhone throughout 2023, although there will be a localized test or “soft launch” soon. And Niantic is already letting you sign up: you can head over to this page to stay up to date on game news, as well as to find out if a Marvel World of Heroes early trial will be available.

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