This will be WhatsApp surveys

this will be whatsapp surveys.jpg
this will be whatsapp surveys.jpg
We have known for a little over a month that WhatsApp is preparing a survey function for its groups, although we have not yet been able to see much about it, except for the first step of creating the survey. Now, WaBetaInfo has shared with us how polls will be displayed in chat.

We thus have the first look at whatsapp polls, which seem to have already reached a functional state, although they are still in development. The safest thing is that we still have to wait a few months until we can send them.

Surveys on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is preparing the create surveys natively, from the application itself and without the need to resort to various applications or tricks. They will be a new type of element to share in group chats and that will undoubtedly be very useful in the communities function that is coming.

If you have used polls in Facebook Messenger groups before, WhatsApp polls will be virtually identical, according to the latest screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo. In them we can see how the first step will be choose a question and add your options to later show up in the chat.


Surveys will be displayed in WhatsApp groups as a message where it is included the question and each of the possible answers. You can then choose your answer and press the vote button. Both surveys and responses are end-to-end encrypted, just like all other WhatsApp communications.

Apparently, the survey function is still in an early stage of development, although we can get a pretty good idea of ​​how it works. Predictably after pressing the vote button you will see how are the results with a progress bar indicating voter preferences.

We do not know yet when will the surveys arrive on whatsapp. In the last package of improvements for WhatsApp announced by the company – which included communities, 2 GB shipments and reactions – they were not included, so it is likely that they will arrive later.