This will be the WhatsApp voice states

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1663842026 1366 2000.webp.webp

However, in a new leak we see that on the screen to write a text status we will also have a microphone button to create a status with our voice. For now, these types of statuses appear a bit bland: with a player in the middle of the screen although you can change the background color in a similar way to how text states work.


WaBetaInfo adds that the audio states autoplay when opened and that the maximum length of the audio is 30 seconds, at least for now, as it could always change before the function is official for users.

It is not the only novelty related to the states that is coming to WhatsApp. The application will also show us the pending states like a ring around the profile picture, sometime. For now, we have to wait, because we still do not know the date when either of these two novelties will begin to be activated.

Via | WaBetaInfo