This well-known gallery app is still very much alive: this is QuickPic in 2023

this well known gallery app is still very much alive this.webp.webp.webp
this well known gallery app is still very much alive this.webp.webp.webp

The gallery of our Android mobile is not just any application. Although manufacturers incorporate their own solutions, we also find quite powerful third-party alternatives. Whether it is because the native application does not convince us or because Google Photos takes up more space, you are always have had their place in the internal memory of our mobile.

A clear and well-known example was QuickPic, which since 2012 has become the preferred choice of many users. After a purchase by the controversial Cheetah Mobile (Google removed all its applications), it ended up disappearing forever. Or so it seemed, because today has come back to lifenow improved and more powerful than ever.

The new life of QuickPic: to the taste of the user

It is in the well-known XDA forums where it resurfaces like a phoenix. This legendary gallery app is still developing, improving at every step. The culprit for this is an experienced developer, taking the latest official version and making some changes to enhance it.

Among the most significant changes, it stands out for having an adaptive icon in the style of Android 13, it follows the design lines of Material You, it has OTA updates and it even supports the RAW format. Besides, is compatible with android tvit adapts to the new aspect-ratio formats and does not contain any type of malicious code or special permission.

Remember that the purchase by Cheetah Mobile turned it into a nest of invasive permissions and like the rest of its apps, with code programmed for malicious purposes. Now, all this will leave us with a safe, free and highly recommended gallery. As if that were not enough, a large number of bugs have been corrected. bugs, thus being more stable.

quick pic

QuickPic settings allow us to fully customize the experience. All aspects are modifiable to suit the user.

We have been testing this new modified version, giving us a good experience. If you are looking for a simple but effective gallery, QuickPic is an almost perfect choice. lets in

We can change the display mode of the gallery, replacing the classic view with grid folders, or even in a list, useful if we store many memories in our mobile storage. It also has a section called “Moments”, which organize gallery images by datesbeing able to access a specific day.

The changes have been very good for QuickPic, which, due to its versatility and simplicity, has become a highly recommended gallery.

It is also capable of becoming a digital frame, since it enables us to present our photos in slides, making it easier to view them. But the most important thing is the ability it has to adapt thanks to its settings: it allows us to mark folders as excluded, change the ordering mode, the color of the theme, the background image and a host of other options. We cannot forget the security section: protecting private images is easierusing a password.

You can download it by following this link, having at our disposal two different versions. Either of the two will work for us, since internally they have no changes. Just differ by name that you will have in our list of apps: Gallery either QuickPic (the second corresponds to the one labeled “Alternative“). Do not forget that to install it, you will have to download the APK file and activate the installation from unknown sources.

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