This weather app tells you if it will snow in the most beautiful way: weather forecast and more with Sunny

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this weather app tells you if it will snow in.webp.webp.webp

Are you looking for a weather application for your mobile that, apart from offering the relevant weather forecast, also has a attractive, minimalist design with large icons? Well, you have a new app that can satisfy your expectations: Sunny: Weather forecast. As sunny as its name suggests and with the essentials to know the time of day and the one to come.

Checking the weather on your mobile may not be the best option if there is a window nearby, but everything changes if you have to find out when it is going to rain or even if it is going to snow in the next few hours. The sky reveals a certain trend, as well as the cold, the wind, and even the perception of relative humidity in the environment. However, there is nothing like a good weather app to check the weather forecast at a glance. Do you want a new batch?

Sunny: Weather forecast, accurate and attractive prediction

Sunny Weather App

This is a recent time app that places special emphasis on icon and interface design. The style is luminous, like the sun itself. Large graphics to instantly see current and upcoming weather, added information that is currently a bit bare, and smooth flowing animations when switching between or scrolling through menus.

The developer behind Sunny is the same one that created Electron, one of the best battery management applications for Android phones. In Sunny he maintains the minimalist style that characterizes his appsalso a certain Material Design air with large cards and very rounded edges.

Sunny Weather App

Sunny: Weather forecast is in an early stage of development, although outside of betas. Is stable, offers seven-day weather forecast, the forecast is very localized and includes an ad among the data in the bottom dropdown (it also loads a full screen one from time to time). As is often the case, the ad can be removed with a subscription-based in-app purchase. Apart from doing away with advertising, it adds widgets to the options and the choice of weather data provider.

We found it to be a very curious app that is worth having on the radar to see how it evolves. It is attractive and, in addition, it offers a good prediction. It is free to download without losing the basics with that download.

Sunny: Weather forecast

Sunny: Weather forecast

  • Developer: Maher Dev
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video