This trick hidden in your Samsung mobile allows you to create a PDF with the photos you want

this trick hidden in your samsung mobile allows you to.webp.webp.webp
this trick hidden in your samsung mobile allows you to.webp.webp.webp

If you have a Samsung mobile, you will not only be able to enjoy Android features, but also some extras that the brand itself adds in its customization layer. This is what happens with the latest updates, where for example we already talked about a hidden menu to know the status of the WiFi network.

Now, thanks to the contribution of a user in the Samsung forums, we have been able to verify how One UI 5.1 hides the possibility of share multiple photos in a PDF document. Of course, it is not something that is achieved intuitively at first, since it requires before unlocking an option. We tell you everything.

The first thing is to unlock Gallery Labs

The trick to create a PDF with our photos on Samsung mobiles not only requires have the device updated to One UI 5.1 at least, but also to activate an option within the native ‘Gallery’ app itself. It is in it where we will create the PDF, but let’s go by parts.

Initially you have to activate the beta functions of this app, what is known as Gallery Labs. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Open the ‘Gallery’ app on your Samsung mobile.
Samsung Trick

  • Open the settings, first clicking on the icon that appears in the lower right part.
  • Already approaching the final part of the menu, access ‘About Gallery’.
Samsung Trick 2

  • At the top, under the name of the app, put the version number. you shall tap about 10 times in a row on that version numberuntil a message appears informing you that Gallery Labs has been unlocked.
  • You will see that a menu called ‘Gallery Labs’ has been added that you must access.
Samsung Trick 3

  • Now make sure that, within the ‘Gallery Labs’ options, the ‘Support as PDF’ option is activated.

Create a PDF with your photos from the ‘Gallery’ app

Once the beta options of the application have been activated, as well as the option that allows you to create a PDF with the photographs, it is precisely time to create that document. And this is very simple if you follow these steps:

  • In the normal view of your photos in the ‘Gallery’ app, select all those you want to insert into a PDF.
  • Once the photos have been selected, tap on the ‘Create’ icon at the bottom left.
Trick Samsung 4

  • Now select the ‘Save as PDF’ option (it is the last one that appears).
  • Choose how you want the PDF document to open.
Trick Samsung 5

PDF document already created with the selected photos

Simple, fast and easy. Once you do this, the PDF will have been opened and you will find the classic editing options and even saved to store in your filesas well as that of share it through apps like WhatsApp or others, ideal for sending to family and friends.

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