This spectacular app generates the text of any video in real time on your iPhone

this spectacular app generates the text of any video in.jpg
this spectacular app generates the text of any video in.jpg

There are a few tools to transcribe audio to text, but almost none are intended for use on social networks. Captions is an app for iOS designed for generate the text of any video and show it very visually. In this way, when we go to upload the video to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or any other network, users will be able to enjoy said video even without activating the audio.

The operation of the app is spectacular, and it is that the app subtitles everything we are saying in real time, just as if we had done the editing, word by word.

An app that generates text in an almost magical way

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Captions, an app that you can download from the App Store, is an app that, for now, is only present on iOS, and that has spectacular performance. Its operation is simple: we upload a video to its editor and, automatically, the text of said video is generated.

The app literally recognizes each of the words we say in the video and, in the event that it fails in any of them, we can correct it manually, since it saves the complete text so that we can modify it. The text is shown in an animated way at the same time as the video is playing, that is, synchronize these subtitles with the video’s own audio. For sample, a button:

We can change the format of the text, its position and most of the parameters related to it. In the same way, we can export the video directly to social networks or save it in our gallery.

We can also save videos for later editing, since the text will be saved and we can modify it at any time. Captions is completely free and you can download it from the Apple app store.