This novelty of WhatsApp is going to make life much easier for those who use the messages that disappear

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batch self destruct

WhatsApp added self-destruction of messages as a optional feature in any chat or group. Any participant in a conversation can activate it at any time, and in the same way anyone can deactivate it. It can be activated from two places: in the chat itself and from the WhatsApp settings.

From the chat itself you can activate the temporary self-destruction for that conversation, while in the WhatsApp settings you can activate the default settings for new chats. Until now there was no way to activate self-destruct on multiple chats at once, without having to go one by one. This, it seems, will be possible soon.


From the hand of WaBetaInfo we learned of a small adjustment within the options of the messages that self-destruct, in Settings > Account > Privacy > Temporary messages > Default duration. Below the usual options we will find a new link that allows us to apply settings to multiple chats at once. After pressing it, you can select the chats.

This small change implies that, for example, if we have 100 chats and we want all of them to expire automatically a week, we can adjust the duration in the settings, touch the multiple selection and quickly select the 100 chats. Before, the only way you had to do it was in the options of each chat, one by one.

WaBetaInfo informs that this novelty is already available for some users of WhatsApp Beta for Android although it should not take long to reach other betas and, finally, to all users.

Via | WaBetaInfo