This launcher replaces Android Auto and includes more advantages, such as opening any application

this launcher replaces android auto and includes more advantages such.webp.webp.webp
this launcher replaces android auto and includes more advantages such.webp.webp.webp

There are already many cars on the market that have Android Auto, but it is not something that we can access easily. In the end, changing cars costs a lot of money and We may love Android Auto, but we’re not changing cars to get it.

For this reason, there are great alternatives such as installing Android Auto on a tablet and placing it somewhere on the dashboard (always safely without obstructing vision). or, directly, install a substitute for Android Auto on the tablet or mobile that we always carry in our pocket. That, precisely, is what Car Launcher allows.

An Android Auto replacement to make your car smart

What is sought with this type of application is not to create an interface identical to that of Android Autowhich is great because it is very focused on driving and, therefore, it is very intuitive to use, but it also has limitations such as the apps that we can run.

Obviously, we are not going to open a social network or any other app while we are driving, but we are going to open it when we wait in the car, and that is something that Android Auto does not allow.

With Car Launcher or similar applications, although this is the one we have tried, what you do is provide your mobile or tablet with an interface focused on driving, but without the limitations of Android Auto. Without distractions, with a style that resembles the dashboard of a car and with the necessary options always at hand.

Car Launcher

If we focus on Car Launcher, when we install it we must grant various permissions such as location, storage access, voice access to use Google Assistant or allow it to work on top of other applications. Once that is done, we can start tinkering with the app.

There are two versions, a paid one (for 6.99 euros) and a free one, which is the one I have installed. For what I have been using, I don’t see advertising in the free version, but it has some limitations. Basic usage, such as viewing the map, accessing navigation data, different widgets, viewing available satellites, using Google Assistant, or having background music with playback control, works without a hitch.

You have customization through themes, the application is stable and the most important thing is that it fulfills what it promises: turns your everyday mobile phone or tablet into a substitute for Android Auto. However, it’s not perfect and the big drawback is that, although it allows us to use any application on the phone, Car Launcher doesn’t stop working as… an Android launcher.

Car Launcher 2

In other words, the interface and basic use, yes, it is focused on use in the vehicle, but if you open Apple Play, Twitter or any app, it will open in the default orientation of that app. In the case of Apple Music it is vertical. If you open Twitter or Telegram, then horizontally.

And the good thing is that, the free version has few relevant limitations and you have the basics to start driving without problems.

Car Launcher

Free version of Car Launcher, an application that replaces Android Auto and turns your mobile or tablet into a launcher optimized for driving.

Free download

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