This is Tivify, the streaming service that also recommends content from Netflix and other platforms

this is tivify the streaming service that also recommends content.jpg
this is tivify the streaming service that also recommends content.jpg

A new television platform arrives to stand up to the television offers of the large operators: Tivify officially begins its journey by offering a catalog of DTT channels (both general and local), option to record the content, access to the last seven days of broadcast and it also offers a recommendation system for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and more.

Tivify was already in testing with its Android application, we tested the app ourselves a few days ago. At the time we discovered a great approach to what an independent television platform has to offer, no matter how much it uses channels that operate free-to-air: a good recommendation system, advanced playback options, possibility to record content and access to programs already broadcast on demand. Now Tivify has officially unveiled the platform further expanding what was already available.

Tivify, the ‘platform of platforms’


Despite the fact that Tivify is a television platform, and that the creators define it as a ‘platform of platforms’, the truth is that the service It does not offer its own channels, but those that already broadcast open on DTT; to which some that are only offered in paid catalogs join (at the moment they make up a very small number). This lack of its own content is compensated by the possibilities of the service, which are what provide value.

Tivify is an application for Android and iOS, it will be available on Android TV and other Smart TVs (the company has told us that they are testing the betas and that compatibility will arrive in the coming months). It also offers its services through its own decoder based on Android TV. This decoder may be delivered by those virtual mobile operators (MVNOs) that wish to have a convergent television offer, it will also be accessible to users independently (at the moment Tivify only offers a monthly subscription).

Tivify Tivify on Android TV

The platform has a content categorization system that gives access to everything that the different channels have been broadcasting during the last week. Movies, series, shows and much more, everything neat so it’s easy to see anything in seconds: one press and it will play.

Tivify allows you to play any content that has been played on television in the last 7 days. And in HD resolution

The live content of the channels is also accessible through the different Tivify apps. Said broadcasts can be viewed live and pause, rewind on the broadcast, return to live and even record the content in order to have it accessible in the user account (Tivify saves everything that has been broadcast during the time indicated by the EPG for each program). This account stores the content for a maximum of 100 days with a limit of 350 hours, always on the basic account. A Tivify XL option with more space and a longer time limit will be available soon.

Tivify recommends what to watch on Netflix, HBO, Disney + and more

Tivify Tivify on Android TV

The content of free-to-air televisions is not the only thing that the platform offers: its recommendation system is adapted to the user’s tastes to propose content to you on the most popular streaming services. Tivify aspires to reduce the time looking for something to watch: according to a study that the platform has shown, Spaniards spend more than 42 hours a year looking for what to reproduce on their devices.

Tivify’s recommendation system uses Artificial Intelligence to select the content, but not only said AI: the platform claims to have a group of editors who manually choose the best content by category. And the app shows all that information separately and also on the cover of the app, along with the movies, series and programs of the rest of the televisions. In this way, it is possible to access a specific content right where it is broadcast with the option to choose the medium: if a movie is for rent, but it was also broadcast on TV, Tivify allows you to launch it directly from your content cloud and without paying an add-on.

Tivify Tivify on an Android mobile

The company claims to comply with all the broadcasting requirements of the networks, also with the permission of the streaming platforms to become an aggregator (Tivify does not include subscription to Netflix, HBO and others: the user must be subscribed to view the content). Everything to have the best offer within reach and with recommendations adapted by tastes and also by quality, always according to the words of the platform.

It is now available for Android, iOS and web

Tivify Some of the channels included in Tivify

After the official presentation, the availability of the service without invitations has also been confirmed: Tivify is now available to anyone. Its price is 4.99 euros per month. And it has a weekly free trial in which you do not need to register a payment method, just an email address.

Tivify is currently available for Android devices and also for iOS. We do not know which operators will offer convergent television offers including the platform (Lemonvil seems to be the first).