This is the time you have to regret sending a message on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Signal

this is the time you have to regret sending a.jpg
this is the time you have to regret sending a.jpg

So, in this post we review all the time limits set by the main apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Signal to delete messages that have already been in

WhatsApp leaves you just over an hour to delete messages

In recent times, WhatsApp is considering the possibility of completely deleting messages in a few seconds. And by completely we mean that the message “This message has been deleted” would not even appear in the chat. However, for official purposes, WhatsApp allows you to delete messages, but leaving a trace.

And how long does it leave? 4,096 seconds since it was sent. That is, 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. During that time we can undo a message already in

Telegram beats WhatsApp at this point

Delete Telegram Message

The eternal comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram is settled with a point in favor of the latter in terms of undoing messages in

The other reason and the one that most concerns us here is that has no time limit being able to delete any message even if it was in

Instagram direct messages can also be deleted

instagram message

Although this social network has many other well-known functions, there is no doubt that its direct messages are an essential part of it. And, as you probably already know, it is possible to delete messages already in

As it happens with Telegram, Instagram does not put a time limit on this function so you can delete all the messages you want at any time, although you will have to go one by one. Also notable is the fact that leave no trace being comparable to Telegram also in this sense.

Facebook Messenger, unlimited, but with trace

Delete Message Facebook Messenger

Yet another Meta app, just like WhatsApp, but which considerably improves the time limit for deleting messages already in

Now, we must say that the app she’s especially sneaky about it. And it is that, not satisfied with showing in the chat “Your name has canceled this message”, the app also sends a notification to the mobile to warn of this. And it will not matter if the message is from years ago, since the app will report it. Therefore, it will be difficult for the other person not to find out .

Signal, very similar to WhatsApp in this section

The private messaging application Signal closes this post as a good middle ground with respect to what was seen in the previous ones. Its negative point is that leave a trace in the chat when a message is deleted and it adds an undo time limit, but it’s not particularly short.

However, Signal improves on the well-known WhatsApp, extending its limit to delete messages to 120 minutes. That is, during the 2 hours after