This is the promotion of Xiaomi and YouTube for the purchase of one of these POCO mobiles

this is the promotion of xiaomi and youtube for the.jpg
this is the promotion of xiaomi and youtube for the.jpg

Watch YouTube videos without ads, access exclusive content, be able to download videos to play offline or access the complete YouTube Music pack are some of the features of YouTube Premium that you can have those who buy two of the latest POCO mobiles thanks to the offer of two months of free access.

And it is that, despite the existence of the YouTube Premium Lite plan, it seems that many do not decide. And it’s okay that maybe no one buys a mobile just for that, but if you already bought it or are close to doing so, it won’t hurt to know what this promotion has available, which also expires in January 2023 so you still have time to spare.

Up to 5 POCO mobiles give access to the extended trial of YouTube Premium

Little And Youtube Premium

At the official launch of the POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT, the brand already talked about promoting YouTube Music, although it went somewhat unnoticed and we think it’s interesting to remember it. Well, as we said before, just by buying one of these two mobiles you already have access to YouTube Premium although there are other previous devices that allow it:

  • POCO X4 Pro
  • POCO M4 Pro
  • POCO X4 GT

It is a promotion that doubles the free trial time of YouTube Premium, which is normally one month and in this case it is up to two months. As POCO indicates on its website, you just have to have one of these smartphones and open the YouTube application.

To the sign in with a google account, this option should already appear on the screen, but if it is not, you should go to the ‘Premium’ section and check if you are allowed to start that two-month trial here. And although it is not mentioned in the conditions, it would be recommended that you log in with the same Google account as the one you use on the POCO F4 or POCO X4 GT.

At the end of this free trial, you can continue enjoying YouTube Premium, but paying for one of the plans offered by the platform. If you don’t want to pay You can cancel the automatic renewal from the app settings panel, entering the subscriptions section. This will not prevent you from enjoying the trial until the end of two months from when you started it.

As we indicated in a previous section, this promotion can be activated until January 31, 2023. It will not matter if you already had one of the aforementioned mobiles before or if you buy them that same day. Similarly, the test would last until March 31, but as long as January 31 has been activated as the deadline.