This is the new Google Photos panel that makes it easier to share and organize your photos and videos

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1657142735 1366 2000.webp.webp

Old Google Photos Action Menu

The element that Google Photos has removed from its interface is the top action bar, which we can see in the screenshots above, and which was activated by selecting one or more elements. This action bar displayed the options to share, add to an album, delete and order photos on the screen. Then, to see the rest of the options, you had to display its menu to see the actions to edit location, move to the file or to the private folder.

These days Google has gradually begun to roll out a new interface, which replaces this upper action bar with a new bottom panel that the user can slide with his finger to show each of his options.

Google Photos New Menu

When selecting one or several photos and/or videos we see how at the bottom of the application a new menu appears that shows in a horizontal list all the options that we found in the upper bar but now we only have to slide to the sides to see each of the actions.

But this is not the most important novelty, rather that lower menu is a panel that we can swipe up to discover all the new options. When displaying the new panel we see that it offers us direct access to share the selected photos and videos with our most recent and frequent contacts or add the files selected to an album.

Another novelty is that it allows us view the location of each of the selected photos and videos on the mapwith which we can ensure that we are sharing the photos and videos taken in the desired place.

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