This is the new Chrome privacy guide that will help you be protected: coming soon to Android

this is the new chrome privacy guide that will help.jpg
this is the new chrome privacy guide that will help.jpg

To protect our security and privacy, Google Chrome It hasn’t stopped releasing improvements and features over the last few years, such as the ‘Security Check’, a feature that allows us to find out if the browser is up to date or if one of our passwords has been compromised. Well, another important feature is coming soon to the web browser.

Leaked last November, Google has officially announced the new chrome privacy guidereaching all desktop users over the next few weeks through version 100 to later reach its mobile version, a feature that we have already been able to test in Chrome for Android

A look at Chrome’s privacy guide for Android

The privacy guide offers us tour step by step through Chrome privacy settingswith which Google will guide us through different windows for the most important privacy options.

Chrome Privacy Guide

This future section is within the configuration of Privacy & Security from Chromeand through its different steps it will offer us the controls to improve searches and navigationthe history sync, secure browsing and block third-party cookies. This way the user will not have to search for each option through the different sections of the configuration.

Each window will have explanation with what the user gets when activating each of the privacy controls, as well as information that will be shared with Google with certain functions. For the ‘Secure browsing’Google Chrome offers us standard protection and enhanced protection, explaining in detail the differences between each option.

Chrome Privacy Guide

It also allows us to choose when to block third-party cookiesif during incognito mode or always block so that websites can only see your browsing activity on their own website and not on other pages visited.

Chrome Privacy Guide

Coming soon to Android

Privacy Guide Chrome 4

Google has confirmed that the privacy guide will be coming to the desktop version of Chrome 100 in the coming weeks, but the Android version shouldn’t take long to arrive, as this feature is already hidden away as an experimental feature though. not yet functional.

From the Chrome flags we can activate the Chrome privacy guide. For this we only have to go to chrome://flags from the address bar and activate the experimental function #privacy-guide. After activating it (Enabled) we have to restart the browser by clicking on ‘Relaunch’. Once done we will find the new section in Settings > Privacy and security > Privacy guide.

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