This is how the Telegram reactions that the platform is already testing for the iPhone work

this is how the telegram reactions that the platform is.jpg
this is how the telegram reactions that the platform is.jpg
Telegram continues to prepare improvements and it should not surprise us, since the popular messaging application usually releases updates that add new features on a regular basis. The last function that can now be tested in the iOS beta add reactions to messages.

In the purest iMessage style of iOS, Facebook Messenger or Slack, Telegram already tests the reactions that already debuted on WhatsApp at the end of the summer. These are reactions within conversations so that you can react to any message with any of the available emojis.

Reactions to Telegram arrive

Telegram Intro

In total for now in the beta version of Telegram that can be downloaded from TestFlight we can access 11 reactions with animated emojis such as the heart, vomiting, applause, raised thumb … To access them, you just have to press and hold the message you want to react to for a few seconds.

Telegram 1

The first screenshots have appeared on the Telegram Beta channel. Are 11 emojis as reactions to make it easier to respond in one click before a message with the sensation that it produces us.

Also, in the case of using reactions in groups, you can see who used one or another reaction and with what emoji. In case you want to limit its use, administrators will be able to disable the feature by group or by channel as well as how to limit the number of emojis available.

Telegram Groups

For now this function only appears in the beta version of Telegram’s iOS, but it is expected that it will reach all versions of the platform compatible with Telegram and in that group we include Android.

Via | Android Police