This is how I managed to have the best wallpapers on Android: the secret is in these two apps

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p With Walli you get a wide variety of funds that is growing every day thanks to the contribution of users from all over the world. There are authentic works of art in it, even if it is in digital format.

As soon as you open the app, you can choose between at least 4 themes that are to your liking to fill out a personalized feed with which to find funds that are to our liking. However, it has other tabs that can be explored in which to find other themes, organized by collections, the most recently uploaded and the most popular.

Abstracts, natural landscapes, city skylines, color gradients… In this app there is everything and if we don’t find it, we can search it manually. And it is that its search engine supports both keywords with which to find those funds, as well as search by labels (tags) already created and even by artists.

Walli Wallpapers App

In fact, it is this search option that I use the most when I want to find funds, for example, from dogs or from forests (weaknesses that one has). Now how advice to refine the search, try to search for it in English. If you search for example “dog”, you will find limited options. However, by putting “dog” many more options appear.

Another quite interesting point of the app is its interface to “TikTok mode”. In other words, entering any of the suggested backgrounds, you can slide down and up to see the wallpapers almost full screen until you find one that you like to download and/or save as a favorite.

The paid version isn’t expensive, but if you put up with the ads and don’t download a lot of backgrounds on a daily basis, it might be worth sticking with the free option.

Now, Is there something wrong with this app? In its free version yes. And it is that the funds in 4K are limited to the paid version, in addition to having a download limit and containing ads. To be able to eliminate these limitations, you would have to subscribe by €9.99 per year.

Whether or not it’s worth it It is a matter of each one. If you download a lot of wallpapers every day and/or the ads bother you too much (they are full-screen videos), it will probably work out for you. In my personal experience I must say that the free version has been enough for me and, despite not being able to download funds in 4K, the truth is that at 1080p they still look great.

Walli - HD Wallpapers

Walli – HD Wallpapers

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Tap Mobile
  • Download at: google play

Wallpapers Central

Wallpapers Central

This is another app that I admit I use the most when I’m using the iPhone. However, it works the same way on Android and in fact it has identical backgrounds and I also use it. However, the fact that it is associated with Apple products comes from the fact that they are among the first to incorporate the official wallpapers of the iPhone and iOS versions of the day. ob

The app itself is very similar to the previous one in terms of your organization by tabs. On the one hand there is the home with the latest funds uploaded to the app, as well as access to Wall of the Daywhich is a background recommendation that varies every day.

I do not particularly move the tab excessively homebut eventually I also navigate through the tab of feed to see those categories that I chose to follow when setting up the app. Where I do enter more frequently is in the section Livein which there is dynamic wallpapers that suit any screen very well, although these are paid.

His last tab, before the favoritesIts the Collections. In it we find organized the different packs that have been created around a mobile model which, as I told you before, are usually iPhone. In these packages we also find variations of those backgrounds that often end up being even more attractive than the originals.

Wallpapers Central App

As details of the app, highlight what they offer you data of each fund so you can know the number of downloads, if it has any kind of effect, the resolution or the weight. You are even allowed to report it if you detect that it has a quality failure or similar.

In addition to the free version, in this app there are cheaper payment options than in the previous one, although for less time.

About its free version, say you have advertising. They are videos, usually from applications and games, that appear full screen when a background is downloaded. However, not every time a background is downloaded does an ad appear, nor are these ads always the same, sometimes allowing them to be skipped after 5 seconds and other times having to wait for them to finish.

And while it is true that its free version could be more than enough, it offers payment options with which remove ads and access all dynamic backgroundshaving these rates:

  • BASIC: 4.99 euros for 3 months
  • BEST: 9.99 euros for 1 year
  • LIFETIME: 20.99 euros forever

Objectively, the “LIFETIME” option is the most interesting and economical in the long run if the app is used a lot. In any case, we insist that it may be enough with the free option and despite the ads. I personally opted for the BASIC rate recently to get some dynamic funds, but I will probably not renew and continue with the free option because it is more than enough for me.

Wallpapers Central

Wallpapers Central

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: iSpazio
  • Download at: google play