This is how Google Play helps you discover apps for all your devices from your mobile

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Home pages for other devices

Google Play Other Devices

The first novelty announced by Google is the one that has begun to reach users for a few days, and it is the new ‘Other devices’ tab that we recently saw. Users with a watch Wear OSa TV or device with AndroidTV or a car with Android Automotive users can explore the ‘Other Devices’ page of their mobile Play Store to see recommendations for apps and games, along with recommendations and editorials tailored to their devices.

Device search filters

Google Play Your Devices

Filter search results by device It is a feature that began to arrive between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, but Google mentions it as one of its recent updates. When performing a search we can filter the results by any of our devices, so we can use our mobile to search for applications for our car, clock or television.

Remote installation to other devices

Google Play Install On More Devices

Finally, the third feature that Google has highlighted is the remote installation of applications. For more than a year we can install applications on our watch or television from the mobile. To do this, in multi-device apps, we just have to display the arrow on the install button to select which devices we want the installation to occur on.