This free app is like the Windows Task Manager, but for your Android mobile

this free app is like the windows task manager but.webp.webp.webp
this free app is like the windows task manager but.webp.webp.webp

Knowing what is running on the mobile is very useful as it can help us, for example, to know if an application has gone into a loop and is wasting our battery. Android hardly gives us details about it, but there is an app that will help you know everything that is happening on your mobile: What’s Running.

In Windows you have the Task Manager and on Android you can use WhatsRunning, since recent versions of Android no longer include the section CPU usage in developer options. The best thing is that you can use the app for free and it doesn’t need root (although if you have root, better).

Root is not required, but ADB is required

If you want to see all the processes that are running on your mobile, as well as a lot of additional information, WhatsRunning needs special permissions to access the information. You have two options: or root or ADBand you can choose which one from the side panel, activating the corresponding box.

If you choose root, then you will need to root your phone and grant root permissions to the app, although this is not required. Instead you can choose use wireless adb to connect the application to the mobile. It’s something we see more and more in advanced apps, like LADB, and Shizuku’s base.

USB debugging

The process is as follows: you must activate the options for developers and, in them, enable wireless debuggingand then touch Pair with sync codewhich is the one that you will have to enter back in WhatsRunning.

The most important thing is open Android settings with wireless debugging in split screen mode or open WhatsRunning in floating window mode, if you have it available on your mobile. This is important as sync codes change when you switch to another app, so you can’t switch between apps to copy and paste the code. If everything went well, you will see that the app updates the list of running processes.

Android task manager

The main application window will refresh, showing us all the processes that are active in the system and critical information such as memory and CPU usage of each application, including system applications.

We have the option of reordering the results and filtering the list to include apps with or without services and/or system processes, as well as having a search engine. By making a long touch on any application, a menu is shown to force close or open the information of said app.


The application provides us with additional information through the side panel, as is the case of the memory usage -which in the free version will not show us too much data, yes- as well as the different system services and applications that are active on the mobile.

app services

Advanced users will also enjoy the possibility of consulting the scheduled tasks, applications that start automatically and Wake Locks that are active.

Again, the information that the demo (free) version shows us is limited. to know everything We are going to need WhatsRunning Pro, which is priced at 3.59 euros.


Without the need to go through the box and without root, in WhatsRunning advanced users will find a powerful tool to know everything that happens on the mobile without having to type a single ADB command.

WhatsRunning Demo

WhatsRunning is a simple yet robust tool, an extreme task manager, to control your device Performance and Data Privacy.

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