This compact GCam brings the Google camera to your mobile with all its advantages

this compact gcam brings the google camera to your mobile.webp.webp.webp
this compact gcam brings the google camera to your mobile.webp.webp.webp

Google’s camera app is the main culprit of success that the Mountain View company is having with the photographic section of its phones, the Google Pixel. A few months ago it reached version 8.7 that returned functions to the Pixel. Thanks to the fact that Android provides us with great freedom, it can be used in models from other manufacturers.

In addition to the famous Google Camera, the company launches a light version for more modest phones with hardly any features cut from the original app. This last Has been modified (in its most up-to-date version) so that it works on almost any mobile and the result could not leave us more satisfied.

The definitive Google Camera Go: download it to your mobile to do magic with the camera

How could it be otherwise, Celso Azevedo’s website is the place where different developers publish the ports of this exclusive camera for the Pixel. These users make them compatible with other manufacturers and bring the photographic magic of Google closer to the rest of Android.

We have tested the new version of Shamim and it provides quite a satisfactory experience. Specifically, part of the original 3.8.47 for mobile phones with Android Go achieving the stable statealways according to the developer.

To download it, just follow this link. When the APK file has been downloaded you can install it just like any other app. Of course, remember to activate the installation from unknown sources.

As we see in the change log, the night modenew filters, support for HDR + and the possibility of zooming up to 100x (in a digital way of course).

When we open it, we will see the interface we already know of the Google camera with the trigger at the bottom, quick access to the last photos, the button to change the camera and the usual tabs to change the mode (portrait, photo, video, etc).

Google Go Camera

Also keep the translate section of Google Lens. Although it is true that this interface is a simplified version of the Google Camera, it is sufficient for most users. In the version we have downloaded, all functions seem to work correctly.

If we touch on the cogwheel, it takes us to the Settings where we can activate certain features like the aforementioned HDR and the night mode. Right here, we can disable the flash, enable a timer, change the aspect ratio of the photos, and of course the option to save a selfie as in the preview

This is a quick and easy way to have all the ‘Made by Google’ photo magic

The compatibility with Google Lens seems to be total, and we can activate the scanner so that the camera suggests any related action. One of the most important limitations is the impossibility of changing the resolution, but we understand that this version is cut for less powerful mobiles.

If you want to get the most out of the camera on your Android mobile, you can always use it. It is a recommended option for replace or complement the default app on your device. Thanks to these developers, many users can have access to Google’s impressive photographic algorithm, which improves shots effortlessly.

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